Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back from the dead.

Hello, yeah it's been awhile.

Well, I was content to let this blog languish forever out here in cyberspace, but lately I've really been feeling the need for a place to post. To post whatever the fuck I want, and this is the only place that fits the bill. It may never get read, but it's not the being read part that's so cathartic, it is the writing part.

When I last posted my case was awaiting the appellate court. Since then, the diocese of San Diego has, as part of it's bankruptcy case (ahem) has paid to settle my case The amount was determined by a judge who had the unenviable task of deciding what each case was worth. The judge, Peter Litchman, lamented afterwards that there wasn't enough money to fairly compensate all of the victims in his view, saying

"There was simply not enough money to compensate all of the high-end victims with a high-end dollar amount"

"The range, extent and depth of abuse in the San Diego cases are unlike any that this court has previously seen."


$198,000,000.....was not enough. Some people will think that that's bullshit I'm sure. .
For those of you out there who consider yourselves good Catholics and think the amounts to be excessive, and that the plaintiffs and their lawyers to be taking advantage of your church, consider this: If the Church had done the right thing in the first place, they would have saved at least $400,000 in my case alone.

The judge awarded my case $500,000 dollars. I took home almost $200,000k. I'm attending college and looking for work after being off for a few months to decompress. I am happy with what I consider a moral victory.

Switching gears, I read that Mahony has told one of his brother bishops not to come speak in LA. The Bishop in question, a Geoffrey Robinson from Australia, has spoken out against the church regarding it's pedophile problem.

I think it's great whenever someone dogs the church for enabling and protecting it's pedophiles, I really do. I would especially enjoy seeing bishops fight with rusted swords. But I really don't know what to make of this guy or any other victim / survivor's activist that remains inside the church while advocating for survivors. It seems to me that if they truly saw the church for what it is they would just leave....but they never do leave though, at least no one with any rank does that I have ever heard of. Why is that? Wouldn't you leave? I don't know why this doesn't raise more red flags inside the community of survivors.

Actually, these guys have survivors falling all over them, which also makes me uncomfortable. A couple of years back a RCC bishop, Thomas Gumbleton, a professed survivor, was the keynote speaker at a SNAP conference. Gumbleton has a treasure trove of knowledge in his head that could bring a lot of victims in the Detroit area some justice, but the bishop keeps it all to himself. He also refuses to name his abuser. Yet he was embraced by SNAP like he was Jesus. I don't get it. SNAP tells everyone else to come forward and name their accuser.

I am eternally paranoid when it comes to the good ol RCC.

After six months off work, off the message boards and everything else, I once again have the need to type my thoughts, my rants, and some will undoubtedly say my hateful venom about the problem of pedophiles running rampant in priestly garb and the never ending PR tactics undertaken to protect them and their church. It is good to be back.

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